Hand Erect Trays

Hand erect trays are ideal where branding is required and no machines are available for packing. 

Empire Packages can provide trays made from corrugated board to meet your exact requirements. 

All such packaging at Empire Packages is designed to meet the physical requirements of the supply chain and to ensure that perishables such as  fruit and vegetables arrive in an optimal condition.

Hand erect trays and boxes are supplied flat to maximize storage space and minimize transport costs. 

Telescopic Fruit Boxes 

Our telescopic boxes offer high strength and rigidity. They are particularly suitable for fruits such as apples, stone fruits and citrus fruits.


  • Product visibility and access
  • Appealing design and printing 
  • Superior protection of produce during transport
  • Hygienic
  • Transport and display unit in one
  • Storage efficiency: boxes can be stored flat
  • Easy and rapid manual or mechanical set-up
  • 100% recyclable (Made from a 100% recycled paper)
  • Cost effective