Wrap around Die-cut cartons for the Beverage Industry

Wrap-around are precision die cut cartons that are folded directly around the product. This enables the packaging to be extremely tight, as folding tools between product and carton are not necessary.  


  • The manual handling of the box is reduced to a minimum
  • Mechanical Influences are negligible 
  • The partial overlapping folding of the side, bottom and top flaps makes the carton extremely stable. This stability can be significantly increased again by using a fully overlapping folding.
  • Our wrap-around carton offers greater weight-bearing capacity, especially when the product is palletised. 

    All wrap around cases are manufactured from a 100% recycled paper. 

Standard RSC Boxes for the Beverage and Dairy Industry

The standard case (RSC) provides superb protection and has great stacking strength to endure the demands of the supply chain, eliminating product damage during transit.

Made from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard, cases are pre-glued to form a ‘flat container’, which can be erected, filled with product and then sealed. 

Our expert design team will work with you to produce the perfect packaging solution for your product in order to meet your filling, transit, opening and display requirements.  We can incorporate die-cut features and a range of opening techniques such as tear tape and perforations.  Cases can be delivered plain or high-quality printed (Up to 4 colours).

All cases are 100% recyclable and suitable for manual and machine erect packing lines.


  • Available in all board grades and flute combinations (A, B, C & E)

  • Available for manual or automated packing lines

  • High-quality print for optimum presentation

  • Additional features, including die cutting are available

  • Our technical design team can especially offer board made on High RCT paper and pass on the savings


  • Reduction in transit damage due to the strength and stability of our products

  • Easy to handle

  • High stacking resistance – can be customised for load-bearing requirement

  • Increase sales due to eye-catching presentation

  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource

  • Maximises speed on automated packaging lines