Empire Packages can produce a variety of highly optimized retail and shelf ready packaging solutions. Our Retail and Shelf-Ready Packaging solutions eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming filling and rearranging of shelves and retail areas, reduce out-of-stock situations and optimize shelf and retail space. Such items can easily be produced upon request by making use of sophisticated process technologies.

Due to our in depth industry experience, our quality and production engineers are well experienced in working with high compression strength carton requirements made from RCT based liners and mediums. 

Empire Packages produces cartons in a multiple range of board grade materials, structural designs and packaging formats that can be tailored to the needs of our customers. Print quality, weight and strength of the raw material (paper) is chosen to optimise the performance of your product to ensure its survival through complex supply chains.

Customers especially in the FMCG sector can have very specific packaging requirements such as partitioned boxes to keep individual items separate. Empire Packages has a wealth of experience in such partition based requirements. 

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) 

Systems at Empire Packages have matured from a corrugate inventory at the customer's to a vendor managed inventory concept. Its the adherence to quality and deliverability that had lead to one of the world largest consumable company awarding a VMI certificate (Vendor Managed Inventory). Under this condition Empire Packages products are delivered straight to the customer's production line. VMI implementation is a part of the Efficient Consumer Response initiative to provide the end customer with the value and best service. To this end, total supply and demand synchronization is needed throughout the supply chain by means of data interchanges among the parties involved in providing the customer service.